Frequently Asked Questions

Booking A Room

Can I apply for dual occupancy?

Dual occupancy is available on most rooms over 23sqm. Both occupants would need to apply and mention in their application that they are applying for dual occupancy so that the price can be amended. The price would be the total rent plus an additional £50 and then divided by two for each occupant’s weekly cost unless otherwise stated. 

What Happens to My Deposit?

Your deposit is placed into a Deposit Protection Scheme, where it is held safely throughout the academic year.

What if I Want to Cancel My Booking?

Our full termination policy is within your online account.

You can cancel your application up to 14 days after the date your booking is confirmed (the Initial Cancellation Period). For bookings made from 1st August to 30th September, the Initial Cancellation Period reduces to 7 days. As confirmed in your agreement, we will refund the full security deposit.

Please note, £20 will be deducted from the refunded amount to cover international bank charges for deposit refunds made to non-UK banks under these circumstances.

If you cancel your booking after those 14 days, you remain liable for the weekly rent (for each and every week or part week) until you are able to find another tenant that is acceptable to Homes for Students and we are able to re-let the room. The replacement tenant must be over the age of 18 (it is your responsibility to find another tenant and provide them with the correction information). If you find a suitable replacement tenant and the room is re-let we will refund your deposit, less any appropriate charges, as well as a deduction of £50 for the variation of the contract.

What Do I Do if I’m a First Year Post-Graduate Student and I’m Still Waiting for My Exam Results?

If you’re still waiting for your exam results and you’re not sure whether your place at university is confirmed, don’t worry, you can still apply.

If you are a prospective first year Postgraduate student and your offer of a place at your preferred University or Higher Education Institute is withdrawn by the University or Higher Education Institute because you do not achieve the required entry grades, you may be eligible to be released from this agreement.

You must provide written evidence from the University that you do not have a place within 3 days of your results being published (and no later than 28th August, whichever date is sooner) and we will release you from the contract without penalty and refund the deposit paid.

You may also be eligible to be released from this agreement if you are a prospective first year Undergraduate student and you choose to go to a different University because you have exceeded your expected grades. To apply to be released from this agreement in the circumstances referred to above, you will need to supply us with a copy of:

a written or email confirmation that you wish to cancel your reservation, stating full name and full details of the property booked;

a written rejection letter from your chosen university/college or UCAS, a screen shot of your UCAS status which confirms that the required results were not achieved, or a copy of the proof of acceptance of your new university by UCAS adjustment.

These document(s) must be received by us within 3 calendar days from the date your results are published. On receipt of the required documentation it will be verified and, provided we are satisfied, we will cancel your agreement and refund your deposit in full.

Paying Your Deposit

When Do I Get My Deposit Back?

Your deposit will be returned to you after your tenancy agreement has ended and your room has been inspected. The amount returned to you will depend on any outstanding charges and any damage found in your room or the communal areas of your apartment. Please see your tenancy agreement for more information. The deposit can take up to 30 working days to be credited at the end of your tenancy period.

All deposits are secured with a deposit protection scheme, such as the Deposit Protection Service or Letting Protection Scotland. You will be contacted by the deposit protection scheme and asked to authorise the refund and submit your bank details to them. For this you will require your deposit repayment ID, which will have been sent to you via email at the time of registering your deposit.

Please be aware, the deposit refund process is managed by the deposit protection scheme and is not able to be influenced by Homes for Students. Should you have any queries regarding your deposit repayment ID, you should contact the deposit protection scheme directly: Deposit Protection Service or Letting Protection Service.

Please note if you ask for your deposit to be repaid to a non-UK bank account, bank charges will apply. Please see deposit protection scheme FAQs:

Deposit Protection Service (England and Wales)

Letting Protection Service (Scotland)

How Much Are Deposits?

Deposits vary by property from £50 to £300 and your deposit is placed into a deposit protection scheme, where it is held safely throughout the academic year and will be returned to you at the end of your contract subject to the contract terms.

The deposit you pay when making the application cannot be used towards a rent instalment as this is secured with a deposit protection scheme for the duration of your tenancy.

Moving In To Your Room

Is There Car Parking Facilities for When I Move In?

Some properties have car parking facilities available for a small charge, please speak to your property team directly if you would like to reserve car parking.

What Do I Need to Bring with Me?

When you come to pick up your keys you need to bring some photographic ID such as a Passport or Driving License.

Viewing A Property

I’m in A Different Country, How Do I View a Property?

We offer a Online viewings for those who cannot view in person. Just click ‘Arrange a Viewing’ and from there you can choose the Online option and organise a time and date that suits you. A member of the team will skype call you at your arranged time.

How Long Does a Viewing Take?

A viewing usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes, however you can spend as long as you wish viewing the property.

Paying Your Rent

What Is Included in My Rent?

All utility bills are included in your rent such as gas, electricity and water, and unlimited WiFi*. However, your TV licence is not included, and this is the sole responsibility of the resident as this is not classed as a utility. *connection fees may apply. Dependant on property, please see your property page for more info.

How Do I Pay My Rent?

Your rent can be paid online through the “Make a Payment” link on the website. You can log in to the pages using your booking email address and password to see any outstanding amounts and to make a credit or debit card payment. Some properties are able to take payments in reception, or by bank transfer – please contact your chosen property directly for more information

Living with One Living

What Is the Process for Dealing with Complaints?

Stage 1– Where possible please make your complaint in person at reception or by telephone. Our staff on site will attempt to investigate and deal with the matter immediately. If you are unhappy with the solutions or explanations given you can escalate your complaint to Stage 2 by letter or email to site within 10 working days.

Stage 2– Your complaint must be in writing. Our staff will pass your communication to a senior member of staff within Homes for Students, who will investigate further and provide a written response within 10 working days where possible. You must state why you think your complaint has not been treated fairly or correctly.

Stage 3– Your complaint must be in writing. In the event that you still feel your complaint has not been treated fairly or correctly you can write to the Complaints Panel within Homes for Students at: Head of Operations, Homes for Students, The Clock Tower, Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley, Liverpool, L10 1LD. The Panel will normally notify you of their decision within 10 working days. You must state why you think your complaint has not been treated fairly or correctly to this point.

Stage 4– One Living is a member of the Accreditation Network UK (ANUK).

Stage 5– STUDENTS WITHIN SCOTLAND can apply to the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing & Property Chamber) if we have breached the Scottish Letting Agent Code of Practice and you remain dissatisfied once the above stages have been exhausted, or if we do not process your complaint within a reasonable timescale.

You can contact the Housing & Property Chamber at:
Glasgow Tribunals Centre
20 York Street
G2 8GT
0141 3025900

Please note: Complaints about 19-20 tenancy agreements relating to the Covid-19 outbreak are excluded from this complaints process. All terms of the tenancy agreements remain applicable unless notified otherwise in writing by One Living. All notifications are final and there is no appeal or escalation process for such complaints.

What Will I Be Shown on My Viewing?

All communal areas and room types requested (dependent upon availability).

Can I Book a Room Without A Viewing?

Absolutely. However, we would always recommend booking a viewing wherever possible. If this is not possible, our website provides a suite of property images for you to browse.

How Do I Cancel or Re-Arrange My Viewing?

Give us a call or drop us an email – we’d love to speak to you!

How Do I Book a Viewing?

You can book a viewing using our online viewing tool or by sending a note to us via the ‘Contact Us’ form. You can also book by calling us directly at your chosen property or by sending us an email.