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BeReal is a French social media app which has taken the world by a storm. We’re not sure about you but all we’re used to hearing these days is “it’s BeReal time”.

Most people have the new app installed on their phones and are avid users of the photo sharing app, especially Gen Z.

Despite being released back in 2020 by Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau, the social media giants gained huge popularity in early 2022, and since then, the app has only gotten bigger and bigger.

Although, there are some issues associated with the app including capturing your BeReal at your place of work as a young professional.

Within this post we’ll be going over how to use the viral photo sharing app as well as the risks that come along with it.

Don’t stop there, check it out!

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How BeReal Works

We’d be surprised if you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and downloaded BeReal, like it’s literally everywhere?!

The way it works is users receive a notification at a random time where they’re required to post unfiltered photos within a two minute window using their front camera and back camera which is completely random each day.

The unfiltered snapshot is then shared with a network of friends who can react to the image shared on the photo sharing application.

The whole concept behind the BeReal app is to encourage people to post more realistic photos of their lives that aren’t a ‘highlight reel’ or only show the best aspects of their lives, like on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

It’s more of a “right here, right now” insight into people’s lives compared to other social media platforms, and we’re living for the authenticity.

The best part is, there’s no way for users to edit their photos prior like on most social media apps, although you can retake your photo but the amount of attempts will be public to your friends.

You can also go back and look at the memories section of your BeReal profile to view the real life photos captured each day.

Although, friends in your contact list are unable to go back and view the previous images you’ve posted so only you have access to these photos.

If you somehow haven’t been on the app yourself to share photos of your everyday life, you can download it for both iOS and Android.

So, sign up now to make an account and take a photo – you might just enjoy being real! 

Using BeReal At Work

Whilst living that 9-5 life as a young professional, you’re bound to have your BeReal notification go off from time to time, and if you’re a true user of the app and not one to post late, it’s kinda difficult not to post from the office – right?

Capturing your BeReal post at work doesn’t have to be an ultimately no go, it’s more about the way in which you capture it.

Like duh, laptop screens with sensitive information about your job are a big no no, even if they’re in the background of the photo.

If the two minute countdown on BeReal goes off when you’re at work, you may capture sensitive information from emails, calls or any other work related documents without realising it.

Not only is this a potential job hazard as most workplaces have rules in place about breaching confidentiality in their disciplinary policy, but you could also be at risk of breaking data protection laws.

Emma Green, a data protection expert and managing partner at Cyber Data Law Solicitors stated it’s “definitely a bad idea” to take a BeReal of your work screen.

Even if it’s just a quick bereal moment with a laptop in the background and you can see someone’s email address, this could still be the case – not really worth the hassle, eh?

Using BeReal At Work

Be Careful Who You Share It With

If you are adamant about posting your BeReal photo within two minutes of the notification going off regardless of your whereabouts, we’d say be cautious.

Even if you think you’re only sharing your BeReal’s with your friends, you never know who could screenshot it or who could see it once it’s out there, similar to other social media apps.

All it takes is for one person to screenshot your BeReal or zoom in on the photograph and you could be in breach of rules at your place of work.

So, we’d say if you are capturing your BeReal at work, be careful not to include any form of sensitive information from your job.

sharing BeReal posts with others

What Will Happen If You Post Your BeReal Late?

We know, it can be tempting to rush to post your BeReal within that 2-minute time frame whilst sitting at your desk working, but it can quite easily become an issue.

Whilst the photo sharing app is authenticity at its core because what you see is what you get, is it really worth the consequences?

It’s up to you to decide, as long as you know the risks that it poses, the choice is yours.

After all, nothing happens if you do post your BeReal later on in the day rather than in the two minute period.

Your post will just be marked as “X hours late” so whilst everyone will know you haven’t really been real, it’s better than getting into trouble at work, or even getting terminated from your job.

We must say too, as we are amidst a cost of living crisis, losing your job over capturing a BeReal at work would be far from ideal.

posting on BeReal

This social media platform is a great way to stay connected and see your friends real lives, but you should probably think about the environment you’re in before uploading your BeReal posts, but the choice is yours.

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